Art of Alexander Aizenshtat


Alexander Aizenshtat composes oil paintings and ink drawings. Professor Turchin, of Moscow University writes “the colours…have tremendous power….as if they were loaded with magical force”. He also writes “the artist…that makes you ask the questions…through his art is truly an artist”. There are no captions or descriptions to his paintings beyond a few words. His subjects reflect his diverse background and travels. From a childhood toy, scenes from a childhood in Moscow, to the life of Francis Kafka, his subjects include a broad spectrum of life. Some of his paintings are on display at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Alexander Aizenshtat was born and raised in Moscow. He studied painting at the end of the 60’s in the studio of artist S.P.Skulsky. He emigrated to Israel in 1974 and continued his painting during army service and working on a kibbutz. After his army release he started to come closer to the Torah, learning in religious centres first in Israel and then in Europe. After living in Zurich and Paris, in the mid 1980’s his family moved to Jerusalem. He continues to regularly visit Moscow as the leader of the Centre of Torah Studies, a program started in 1989.

Александр Айзенштат родился и вырос в Москве. В конце 60-х учился живописи в мастерской художника Скульского. Уехал в Израиль в 1974 году. Он гражданин Франции, но живет в Иерусалиме. Он стоял у истоков возрождения иудаизма в России и руководит сегодня работой Центра Изучения Торы в Москве, в который входят три учебные заведения ортодоксального иудаизма «литовского» направления. Пишет в Иерусалиме и в Подмосковье.

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